Exit, Pursued by a Bear

So, we were kicking back and having a fun night, talking about games. Because when your GM calls out for the night, that’s the next best thing, right?

And somehow, we got into a pun war about bears. I know, I know– easy target, right? Big and fluffy and why are their ears so cute?

Anyway, a certain movie based on the true story of a coked-up bear had just come out, and we started noodling around with all the casual RPGs you could play with “cocaine and bears” as the premise.

So, that’s what you’re looking at, folks. A zine with 6 game hacks to play out the story of Pablo Escobear, the legendary black bear who ate up to 40 pounds of cocaine in the Appalachian mountains in 1985. We have some of your favorite “bear and pretzels” games, an original solo RPG, and a Fate one-shot.

Table of Contents:

  • All Outta Cocaine
  • Cocaine and Bear
  • Blow Down from the Mountains
  • Take Me Home, Cocaine Bear
  • Pablo Escobear
  • Everyone is Pablo
  • That’s Not a Picnic Basket!
  • Pablo Escobear in Other Systems

Available as a PDF, phone-ready PDF, and audiobook on DriveThruRPG and itch.io.

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