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Orccon 2015 Roundup

I went to Strategicon over Presidents Day weekend, and did some gaming! I brought a friend and fellow gamer along with me, who played in most of the games I participated in (this was his first larger convention, so it was good to have a buddy). Mike and Justin also went to Strategicon, but I […]

Contessa Blog: GMing Tools

This month, over on the ConTessa blog, the other GMs and I round-tabled about the tools we’re using to prep for and run our games. Pretty interesting read, if only because we all prep with different tools and approaches. What about you? What interesting or different tools do you use to prep and run your […]

ConTessa Game Weekend: Epyllion Video!

I ran Epyllion this weekend at ConTessa Online’s Game Weekend. Here’s the full video (4 hours, 15 minutes): We had some technical challenges, a late player, and a prep issue (I didn’t send out the new, improved character sheets early), but otherwise we made do pretty well and had a fun time with it.

Oh. Dear.

Well, I got to casting-off the cuff last night. I had to stop and spin more yarn twice in the process, because picot edges take a lot of yarn. I was down to the last 5 picots when I ran out of yarn. Not just out of yarn. Out of yarn and fiber, altogether. I […]

More Casting of Pods!

I was on the latest GM Jam on Play On Target this week, along with several other talented and intelligent GUMSHOE GMs: Yohann Delalande (French translator and GM), Steve Dempsey (GM and Pelgrane contributor), Ruth Tillman (GM and Pelgrane freelancer). Check it out, especially if you like investigation RPGs!

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