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What the heck are you guys doing?

A few people have noted that John and I sent out letters telling people that we’re moving into the RV, and directed them to the website, but that the website/blog doesn’t really answer the “WTF?” questions.

So, here goes:

  • John and I have moved into a 40′ motorhome and are going to travel around the country.
  • We are bringing our cat, Alladin. I have now found homes for all the bettas and will no longer be keeping fish.
  • We will continue to work remotely from the road. This is not retirement or vacation. John has a business that needs his supervision. I work full time. We are getting reliable satellite Internet access to enable this to happen, and it will likely be our largest individual expense.
  • I am not writing RVing for Dummies, or currently any other book (other than the unfinished and unpublished novels.) Instead, I am writing this blog. Enjoy it. It’s free.
  • We are selling our house in Ben Lomond. If you know anyone looking for a great home, have them contact us.
  • We are selling my car and already have a buyer (that was fast). Honda hybrids do not flat-tow easily, whereas Jeep Wranglers are almost perfectly engineered for it.
  • We are towing the Jeep.
  • John will still go four-wheeling.
  • I bought a bike so I can get around when John has the Jeep out on trail. My bike is very pretty and orange.
  • We will use our cell phones for all phone communications. In this, at least, we are like many these days who use their cell phones exclusively.
  • We are currently in Scotts Valley, California.
  • We are leaving California at the beginning of August.
  • We will be going to destinations in and near California through September, then drop down to the desert, across to Albuquerque, up through Colorado, and into Missouri, where we will be for a week in October. Then we drop down to New Orleans for a convention, then up to Tennessee for the November holidays. December and January find us in Florida.
  • All plans are subject to change and adjustment. I can be called upon to travel to my job site at any time, and flexibility in scheduling is crucial to that.
  • We plan to do this for the forseeable future. The end date is set as “about two weeks after we get sick of it.” This might mean six months. It might mean twenty years. No one can know the future.
  • We are not moving TO: Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Montana, Missouri, Michigan, or Tennessee. We are not moving TO anywhere. We are just moving. (This concept does seem to disturb a lot of people, I have noticed.)
  • We welcome advice on places to go, things to see, parks in which to stay.

A number of friends have told us they hope to do this too, someday. Many of those with children are waiting until the kids are old enough to move out, so we look forward to seeing them on the road in about thirty years or so. 😉 Many are simply wistful but not necessarily planning to do this. Some of our friends have actually done it. Nobody we’ve ever talked to who has done this has ever regretted it! They might not be full-timing anymore, but nobody is sorry they did.

If you didn’t get a newsletter, it’s probably because we don’t have your (current) address. Please send it to me, and you won’t get the current newsletter, but you will get future newsletters, if and when we send them out.

Or you can subscribe to this blog, which is a subcategory of my mega-blog, where I post everything. This category, “RV” is for posts about living and working in the RV. There’s a sub-category called “RV Carnival” which is a blog carnival about full-time RV travel. In a few short weeks, we will also have a little geo-script that tells you roughly where we are.

We will send snail-mail postcards to friends, family, and colleagues during our travels. In a few weeks, we will have an easy sign-up script where you can enter your contact information and either get put on or taken off of our mailing list.

We will miss all of our local friends and family, of course, but we hope you wish us well on our adventure!

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