Twitters on 2007-07-23

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” -C.S. Lewis. # @philcampbell Do you have a promo/referral code for Mozy? # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Hogwarts Sock Swap

I joined the Hogwarts Sock Swap Iast week, and today I was accepted into the Hufflepuff First Years house. As part of the sock swap, students have been asked to respond to some basic questions about their sock-lovingness. As a bonus, I suppose this means any readers of my blog will now know how big […]


Hate Tom Cruise. It’s like poetry, but with hating on Tom Cruise. Lifehacker: Where to find Public Records; for all the stalkers on your Christmas card list. Traveling Stories Magazine. A handy and fun blog of stories relating to travel. Most of these stories have some kind of point to them, which is why I […]

April is Earthquake Preparedness Month

But the rest of the year is a good time to be prepared, too. Which is why I bring you this post in July, of all months. There are no locations on Earth immune to natural disaster. You might live in earthquake country, tornado alley, or the hurricane zone. You might have extreme winters or […]