Twitters on 2007-07-20

@hpbatman7 I have Wii envy. # @spin Yes, Somewhat, No, Yes, Not well, Absolutely, and Somewhat. Also, as of July 28, we’ll have disaster-resistant Internet access. # @spin The best survival skill one can have is not a skill, it’s a personality trait: taking direct responsibility for your own survival. # If you do not […]

Send-Off Party: August 4!!!

Well, we decided to hold off on our departure until we could have a real send-off party. We have now scheduled it for August 4, from noon until 4 PM at Tony & Alba’s in Scotts Valley. If you’re local and you didn’t get the evite, please drop us an email and let me know […]

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Cat harness

If you’re still waiting on the cat harness, my apologies. It’s going to be a bit longer– things have been hectic here, and I just realized how hard it is to freehand crochet a cat harness….

Replies to Twitter replies

I just discovered (because I am laaaaame) that Twitter shows all the replies people have made to me in one place! Haha! Yes, I am really dumb for not checking this feature out earlier, so didn’t realize that I had people asking me stuff and not getting any answer. Whoops. Here are my replies to […]