Krampus Adventure, Part II

Well, I wasn’t thrilled with how this adventure turned out, but I’ll give the rundown anyway. Between the last session and this one, I drew maps of Baron Tannenbaum’s keep– there were plenty of blank spaces, but they never really got addressed. I made a note about where the vault access was, since it was […]

Goodbyes and Greetings

Journal entry from Lt. Gwenn Jade of the Harriers I put Firiel in command of the operation to find Gale, luring him out with a supposed grain shipment he and his bandits might strike. We’d figured out that the completely non-violent bandits in the area were probably just feeding themselves. I put the estimate at […]

I made a thing!

It was another 4-year project, but I finally finished the red version of Joe’s Garden! It is made with a single continuous strand of JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18, and I have 36 grams left, which by my calculations, is about 400 yards. The beads are gold glass seed beads, and there are about 680 of them […]

Schroedinger’s Warlord

So, there’s no journal entry from Gwenn this week because her life is hanging on one single d20 roll. See, on Tuesday, we got in over our heads. Gwenn and Ordune are still fighting. Gwenn gave Firiel command of the operation, and we ended up going into a fight, just Gwenn and Firi, when they […]

Bunnies and Burrows

We played Bunnies and Burrows last night, Fate Accelerated style! Bunnies and Burrows is an RPG written in the 1970’s, one of the first RPGs to get away from heroic fantasy and into something non-human. In it, you play a rabbit, as if in Watership Down, and your role is to protect, defend, and help your […]