Discretion is the better part of valor. The words came, unbidden, to my mind as our horses charged through the underbrush. Hoping they wouldn’t land on a sink hole or twist an ankle. I made a mistake, dropping our guard, even for an hour, even to just play around. “Anything you can do to surprise […]

Strategicon: Gamex 2013 RoundUp

Mike and I went back to Strategicon this weekend for Gamex (OrcCon is in February, Gamex is May, and Gateway is on Labor Day weekend). I previously wrote a round-up of our gaming experiences, so decided to do so again this week. We both played the same system more than once this weekend– I played […]

Balancing Acts

I’ve been performing some re-balancing on my life lately. I was feeling really… down, physically. Eating a lot of junk food and sweets, and not exercising. My skin was in bad shape– kind of oily. My back ached a lot. And I was stressed out– I can’t even begin to tell you how often I […]

Magic from the Arco

My Fate players and I finally got together on Saturday. We sat down and created characters for the PCs, a couple of NPCs, and some setting concepts. We have Garosh, the heir to a doomed barbarian tribe. Garosh is big, beefy, all muscle, but a keen hunter, especially out in the wilderness. He’s also got […]