Partial Victory

We had three objectives at the road block, and we achieved two of them. The road is destroyed– trade to Psarios will be slowed until the bridge is rebuilt, and Erathis’ agents will need to find another choke point to hinder our efforts. Also, the Vicar of Psarios is dead, leaving a power vacuum into […]

Tales from the Arco

This is another gaming-related post, but this time from behind the GM’s screen. Posts about this campaign are tagged as #arco. Posts about this campaign will be from the POV of a collaborative GMing experience, rather than the plot and story of the sessions. That is in part because I believe tracking the story for […]

This is what happened when we played Steampunk Oz

So, I ran a Steampunk Oz Fate playtest last weekend. Now, please understand that my grasp on Fate is imperfect, at best, and my players didn’t understand the system well at all…. and one of the players is traditionally a power-gamer, so it’s already challenging to play with him sometimes. “Our game design goal is […]

Rob and Me

I wish I could write about the information we’ve gathered, and what we learned at the Ioun temple, but so much of that needs to be kept under wraps for now. Suffice to say: A plan has been formed. We will need to be very delicate with our timing in the next few days, but […]

One. Big. Secret.

Another fictional gaming write-up from my character, Gwenn. We have a little gold in our pockets and horses under our arses, but I fear we may be in more trouble than we can possibly guess. The vault was unexpected. Dangerous, yes. But not lethal, at least not to us. The creatures that we faced in […]