D&D Encounters Session 3

So…. Peter, Chris (usually a DM), and I all played goblins in last night’s game. Gordon played a werewolf berzerker (Wulfig?), and Bryce played an elf archer (but not a ranger!) named Brandis. We decided we’re all from the same tribe, even though I’m trying to leave it. The tribe headed by the mysterious figure […]

D&D Encounters – Session 2

I’m playing a goblin monk who is a traps expert, and moved to a different table this week. I quickly discovered that, at my table, there were: an evil kobold mage, an evil human cleric, and an evil minotaur sha’ir. Note: no defender. While I believe alignment is unnecessary in a good RPG, I also […]

Notes from a Gaming Weekend

My friend Mike and I went to Strategicon this weekend and played a bunch of games. Here are our notes. With a very few exceptions, we were both lucky to play with excellent Game Masters/Storytellers/Keepers/Dungeon Masters. In fact, we discussed how many of these games would be much harder to run for inexperienced GMs. Mike […]