September 2007: Book Reviews

None of the topics are covered in any great depth or detail, and there are some cases where the author’s information is suspect or perhaps outdated (but I don’t think even in 1994 that you needed a recent veterinary certificate to cross state lines with a cat in your car).

…It was like, if you were a rock climber, and someone wrote a book of fiction in which everyone was a rock climber, but they had absolutely no story going on in their lives aside from rock climbing– and nobody ever fell off a cliff.

In Acton!

Well, my talk last night went well, I thought. We drove over the mountains and through the Angeles National Forest to get to Duarte, and the drive was long, but lovely: Lots of big hills with a blend of deserty scrub and pine trees. Very neat. On the way home, we stopped for some night […]

A Social Experiment

So we’re eating pizza in the local joint here and find ourselves at a table with a view — of the local grocery store. I say, “Hey, let’s count how many people are buying alcohol and how many are buying groceries.” First a description of the store is in order: This is an obviously family […]