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New Kickstarter! Naomi and the Dragon!

A while back, my best friend Toby and I did a 24-Hour Comic book project together. We didn’t finish, but it was a good exercise for us, and we did end up with a great script for a comic book that we decided we wanted to finish “someday.”

Well, last week we decided to pull the trigger, and launched our Kickstarter project to finish Naomi and the Dragon. Our funding goal is very modest– just enough to scan the art, print the copies, and send them out, with anything extra being available as profit for us to put towards our future projects (making games, music, other writing projects, etc.) We’re only allowing 100 print copies, ever. It’s a limited-edition, though PDFs are unlimited.

Yesterday was the eighth anniversary since I launched Handknit Heroes, so it seems appropriate today to announce this Kickstarter. There’s still plenty of time to back it– the project will be funding until February 9th.

So, if you like the stuff I’ve done before, and you’d like to get a copy of this comic book– back it today!

2016 Goals – How’d I do?

In early 2016, I made a list of SMART goals — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely.

How did I do?

Fitness: Run three 5Ks – I didn’t run any 5Ks last year, but I did regularly run, and I ran 5 kilometers on a fairly regular basis, culminating in a 10K on October 30th.

Play Bass Guitar – The measurable part of this was a set of specific songs I wanted to learn; I succeeded in this goal pretty well, and feel very confident about my “advanced beginner/intermediate” status as a bass player.

Dancing – My specific was to learn 3 new ballroom dances and how to shuffle. I didn’t get the shuffle down, but I did learn several new ballroom dances.

Visit Dad – I did this, in September.

Finish Mythic Mortals Adventure– At the beginning of the year, I had this as a task. It’s done, and published.

New Birth Control – This goal actually took more time and effort than I expected, but aha! It is done!

Finish Threadbare– I didn’t finish, but it is a lot closer to done!

Make an RPG Gateway for Envoy– I failed this goal.

Learn XML – I don’t even know why this is on the list. I didn’t get this done, either.

Lose 20 lbs. – I lost 10.

These were not the entirety of my goals for the year, nor are they the entirety of my achievements– I also obtained my Certified Scrum Master cert, read a bunch of books, ran a bunch of games, spent time with family, and generally was as awesome of a person as I can be.

I’ll post the 2017 goals shortly!

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