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20 down

Since Krismas, I’ve lost (gotten rid of) 20 lbs.

That is all.


May Media


#31: The Watchmen. Did I read this before? I don’t remember, but the movie is so true to the book, it’s hard to recall if I read it, or just saw it. It is, of course, a classic. So dense with meaning and impact, I think I could write a dissertation on it, except I’m not in love with it (the way…. well, never you mind– my relationship with Sir Gawain is strictly a platonic and personal matter!)

#32: Superhero: The Secret Origin of a Genre. At times it reads like a history of superhero comics, and at times it reads like “why those other guys are wrong.” I’m not entirely convinced by Coogan’s arguments, mainly because I don’t think he made them methodically enough. But it’s a good, scholarly-tasting book.

#33: The Walking Dead: vol. 4. Zombies and other monsters, mostly human.

#34: Four in Hand – Regency romance about a bachelor rake and his 4 beautiful wards (listened to audiobook).

#35: The Spymaster’s Lady. As promised by Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, this is an excellent book. It’s also a romance novel, but at its core– it’s a good book.

#36: Lord of Raven’s Peak. Viking-era romance novel. It was OK, but it seems like the author had a lot more story she wanted to tell than she was able to completely fit in. Coulter’s a good writer, though, so she kept the focus where it needed to be: the love story.

#37: Enchanting Pleasures. Regency romance, enjoyable and as with most of James’ novels, with a twist of Shakespeare thrown in for good measure.

#38: Duchess by Night. Georgian romance– from the line of happy widowed duchesses that James writes about.

#39: In the Prince’s Bed. Regency romance. Can you tell I’m on a romance kick this weekend?


#11 Zombieland

#12 Sherlock Holmes

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