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May-June 2008: Book Reviews

I missed the ends of May and June for my reading write-ups, so I’m posting them all right here, in one long round-up: #26 Guilty Pleasure Romance novel, enjoyable, but not terribly memorable. #27 Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off! I love Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and this is a good one. I listened to it on audiobook. #28 […]

World’s Largest Pecan

My sister and her 2 adorable children are coming to visit me tomorrow, having driven all the way from Brunswick, Missouri. Brunswick, according to the post card they sent me before they left, is home to the World’s Largest Pecan, on Highway 24. It’s a 12′ long statue of the James Pecan Farms Starking Hardy […]

On Your Life List: Watch a Shuttle Launch

If it’s not on your life’s “to do list,” watching a space shuttle launch really should be. Few man-made experiences are as awe-inspiring as standing on the edge of the water and watching a light so bright, the sun looks momentarily dim. [On Your Life List: Watch a Shuttle Launch was originally posted to my […]

Destination: Lake George, New York

“We’re in New York” conjures in most minds images of our ungainly apartment-on-wheels navigating crowded, trafficked streets, surrounded by yellow cabs and irate urbanites. We are not in that New York this month. We are in the other New York. They call it “upstate,” but in reality, this New York represents more of the New […]

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