Dragons and Dungeons, Oh My

This is a meta-post about the Moving Forward campaign. It’s not told from anyone’s point of view but my own. It spanned a night’s worth of gaming, but the majority of the action was a few seconds for our PCs. Gwenn’s journal entry on this event might be little more than a footnote: We fought […]

Family Reunion, Part I

Gwenn’s journal… We finally parted ways with Lord Numaire, Fermina, and Dorian Poche and headed into the Copper Mountains in search of Gale and his band of bandits. It didn’t take long before we spotted a few scouts, then the ambush. We parlayed a bit, with Firiel finally going off on a bit of a […]

Goodbyes and Greetings

Journal entry from Lt. Gwenn Jade of the Harriers I put Firiel in command of the operation to find Gale, luring him out with a supposed grain shipment he and his bandits might strike. We’d figured out that the completely non-violent bandits in the area were probably just feeding themselves. I put the estimate at […]

Schroedinger’s Warlord

So, there’s no journal entry from Gwenn this week because her life is hanging on one single d20 roll. See, on Tuesday, we got in over our heads. Gwenn and Ordune are still fighting. Gwenn gave Firiel command of the operation, and we ended up going into a fight, just Gwenn and Firi, when they […]