The SS Pla Cehol Der Launches!

Our lead-in: After blowing up a sun and failing to deliver sunscreen to Mr. Valentine the vampire, we’re in danger of losing our commission with Space Race. Let’s review the crew: Captain Ryan Steele (the third e is silent…but deadly): Zapf Branigan, if Zapf were an international pop star before having a major, public meltdown over […]

FAE: SS Placeholder

Our Moving Forward campaign is on hiatus (and returned to Tuesday nights) while Alex takes a break for school, so we’re embarking on a Fate Accelerate Edition (FAE) campaign of whimsical space sci fi. If this reminds you of the Wild Side campaign, please note that it’s a bit different, largely because everyone involved is […]

Some Fate

This adventure was played over a series of sessions. Mostly online, but one in person. At tea, Abigail and Sally got around to talking, in a roundabout way, of their Limitors. These are devices, installed in every automaton, which enforce a primitive version of the laws of robotics which, in essence, prevent automatons from harming humans. […]

Hellsing House: A FATE Adventure

Also at the ConTessa convention, I played an RPG called Hellsing House, which was a Fate setting/adventure created and run by Meera Barry, via Google Hangouts. Hellsing House is a halfway house for, well, monsters. It’s a Fate setting that Meera created. The tagline is None who enter leave unchanged. Mechanically, the skill list was limited […]