39 and 100%

With my genetics, there’s a good chance I’ll live to be 100 years old. I might be diabetic and creaky for the last 30 of that, but 100 isn’t out of reach. I don’t want to live to 100. Rather, I want to live to 100%. Last week, I turned 39. Next year, I’ll be […]

Tales from the Arco: Game Closed

I’m sure I forgot to mention this: My Saturday night Fate game has ended. We had 4 total sessions: 1 world-creation, 1 character creation, and 2 adventure sessions. Unfortunately, those 4 sessions took about 4 months, due to time conflicts making us only able to play about once a month. Eventually, one of my players […]

Living Dungeon World – Session 1

Yesterday, I ran my first attempt at Living Dungeon World, a shared-world organized play kind of campaign in which the DMs share the fronts and setting. It’s similar to Living Forgotten Realms and Pathfinder Society and similar organized play campaigns. Except, for LDW, there isn’t an overarching organization, and we’re really just starting to try […]

5K – ran the whole way

I did the Sprinkler Sprint this morning. Starting time was a little after 7, finished at about 8, but the course wasn’t a full 5K so I jogged out the last 1/3 of a mile or so. It was totally fun and awesome, not too hot, lots of super soakers and fun water features to get […]

Looking for a guy…

Not a journal entry, but a flashback to an earlier time in Gwenn’s life with the Resistance…. Cadet Gwenn Jade stared at the small, disheveled unit of “scouts” she’d been commissioned. After the success of her last mission, she’d been given a small command. Nothing big, but a handful of spies and scouts who were […]