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#RPGaDay 6: Most Amazing Thing a Game Group Did for Their Community

I used to run D&D organized play games at my local stores (LFR, Encounters, D&D Next, and Adventurers League). I started at one store, and moved to another when it opened up close to my work. We had this one kid, Alexander, who was super nerdy, but dedicated. It was rare for him to miss […]

#RPGaDay 5: The Stories They Tell

This is still part of the “Grinding Ice” campaign, the one with Hrothgar and the unconscious Ice King, right? I mentioned that my character, Nayala, had kind of an identity problem, right? She was a shapeshifter who had originally thought she was an eladrin. (For the record: I like secret identities. I’m a superhero.) Anyway, […]

#RPGaDay 4: Most Impressive Thing Another Character Did?

So, there we are, a group of rag-tag adventurers who were supposed to be murderhobos in a frozen world, but who somehow* ended up wanting to overthrow the deathless Ice King and bring back the sun. I was a teleporting warlock with an identity problem. Vor-Kai was a water-based warlord. Hrothgar, our mighty barbarian-ranger, had […]

#RPGaDay 3: Proudest Character Moment

I’m not sure “proud” is the right word for it, but the session in which my character Gwenn shot and killed her best friend Firiel  was one of my favorite gaming moments and sessions of the past year, maybe 2. It had everything I love in role-playing stories: betrayal, a terrible choice, an accidental murder, […]

#RPGaDay: Day 2. Best Game Session Since August 2015

This is a really tough one to answer! There are a lot of really great sessions I’ve had in the past year, but two are complete standouts. Fortunately, I can use one of them for tomorrow’s question, so I’ll link to the other one today. In November of 2015, I went to Metatopia, which is […]

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