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March 2016 Books, Music, and Games

Books Faith #3 (single issues don’t count until they’re a trade) #3: The Fifth Elephant #4: Moving Pictures #5: Jingo #6: Night Watch #7: Reaper Man   I tried again to read Infinite Jest, but the call of Pratchett was too strong, especially when I was sick for another 4 weeks.   Music Practice Log […]

RPG Blog Carnival: April Showers!

This month, I’m hosting the RPG Blog Carnival, with the topic of weather. I was inspired by the old slogan “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” but also by the wonderful weather I get living in the American Southwest. Last night it rained, and the smell of rain on pavement (petrichlor) was downright magical as I […]

A Video Game Review for #nerdy9th

For #nerdy9th, I’m going to talk about my recent video game obsession! As you may know, I am not much of a video gamer. I tend to get “hooked” and obsess over games for a few months before dropping them. I played the Sims online last year for about 6 months. I play Minecraft, but […]

January 2016: Books and Music

Books: Faith #1 : Single issue comic.   Practice log (bass guitar): 12/28: 30 minutes 12/29: 9 minutes 12/30: 21 minutes 12/31: 21 minutes 1/1: 20 minutes 1/2: 55 minutes 1/3: 50 minutes 1/4: 16 minutes 1/5: 53 minutes 1/6: 30 minutes (lesson) 1/8: 1 h 19 minutes 1/9: 37 minutes 1/10: 12 minutes 1/11: […]

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