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2021 – April-December Book Log

Hah, forgot to update for a while. It’s been… a hell of a year. Anyway, I did do some reading. Probably will forget everything I read, and this is not in any semblance of chronological order. From what I can recall, I did not finish reading any physical books this year. Mostly, physical books end up being stuff I reference, rather than read cover to cover nowadays.

#7 Lead from the Outside: How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change by Stacey Abrams

#8 The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

#9 Eye of the Beholder by C H Clepitt

#10 The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet: Wayfarers, Book 1 by Becky Chambers

#11 The Bennet Women by Eden Appiah-Kubi

#12 All Are Welcome: A Novel by Liz Parker

#13 The Friend: A Novel by Sigrid Nunez

#14 The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore (annual holiday reread)

#15 The PMI-ACP Study Guide by J Ashley Hunt

#16 Agile Practice Guide by Project Management Institute

#17 I Hear the Sunspor byu Yuki Fumino

#18 Omega The Unknown by Jonathan Lethem and Karl Rusnak

#19 Fence: Rivals by C.S. Pacat

#20 The Accelerated Learning Handbook by Dave Meier

#21 Brain Rules by John Medina

#22 The Definitive Guide to PSM I by Mortiz Knueppel

#23 Black #2

#24 Black #3

#25 Black #4

#26 Black #5

#27 Black #6

#28 Fence Vol 3

Considering 2020 saw me finish 10 books, this is not so bad. And I’ve probably forgotten a few books that I read and didn’t keep track of.

Stephanie wearing a knitted cap-sleeve raglan top in pink variegated yarn.

Simplicity Top

In March, 2019, I went to Toronto for BreakoutCon. While I was there, I went for a nice walk in the rain and bought 2 balls of pink variegated fingering-weight yarn (Knitting Fever Painted Desert in color 104: Rosefield). I put them in the stash and periodically thought about what I might want to make with them. Sometimes I was tempted to just pull them out and make Yet Another Shawl Already, but I resisted the urge because I have a dozen shawls.

Last month, I finally cast on for a project which I thought would use just about the 2 balls of yarn. It’s a sleeveless raglan top (Simplicity 2 Ways by Jeannine Hoeffler) that is “reversible” in the sense that the front and back are interchangeable. It uses garter stitch for the edgings.

Description: Stephanie wearing a knitted pink variegated cap-sleeve top with a lace panel running down the center, and denim shorts.
New pink top! Fits perfectly!

It’s knit from the bottom up, and when I got to the shoulders, I ran out of yarn. My options at that point were to use a different yarn (which would contrast and maybe not in a good way), frog the whole thing and use the yarn on something else, or buy more yarn. I searched online and found just one store that still had this yarn in stock, but of course I had no idea if the dye lot would match. Since it’s variegated, it’s entirely possible to not match but be imperceptible– or it could match and be really jarring. I bought it and hoped it would be close enough, and intended to overdye it if it didn’t look right.

It arrived last week. 2 years and a completely different store and even country, and the yarn is the same dye lot. I was very pleased.

Description: Back view of Stephanie wearing a knitted pink variegated top with lace panels; the back has 3 lace panels, instead of 1.
The back!

I made a few modifications. I went down a needle size when I got to the waist, then back up, to give it some subtle waist shaping. At the top of the shoulders, where it’s supposed to turn into the neckline, I added a dozen short rows so the neckline wouldn’t be so wide it would expose my bra straps.

The pink variegated top, laying flat on a table.
Top without body in it.

When I was all done, I hated the bottom band, because it was kind of short, and flipped up (because of how stockinette curls, and because garter’s gauge is larger than stockinette). You can see that in one of the WIP pictures. So I cut that off, picked up the stitches, and knitted in a smaller gauge for 3 1/2″.

Front view of the pink variegated top, worn by Stephanie, noting the detail of the bottom edge rolling upwards. A single strand of yarn leads off from the neckline, indicating this piece isn't done being knitted.
Work in Progress: Note the bottom band.

I am pleased with the result. This top looks great, like it was custom fitted for me, because it was.

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