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I joined about 5 years ago when Google+ shut down.

As Twitter goes through its death throes, I’m more active on Mastodon. Enjoying it for the most part.

Here are some tips I posted recently to a friend, gathered from various other posts on the Mastodon.

  • Star/favorite goes back to the original poster but isn’t otherwise visible. Nice way to say hey, I liked this!
  • Boost=share to spread the post.
  • Use hashtags on your posts. You can also follow hashtags, depending on the client.
  • Speaking of clients– Tusky is really good on mobile. The official mobile apps are not terrific yet– the devs started on them late in the game.
  • The globe or lock icon helps you set visibility. A good guideline is global for top level posts, and then unlisted for comments and threads.
  • CW stands for “content wrapper.” Folks are more aggressive about using them for a lot of things, even stuff that doesn’t usually get cws else net.
  • Always add alt text to all your pics.

There’s a lot of thought and discussion about policing content wrappers and POC experiences, so I’ll make my personal thoughts clear on this. While it’s nice to use CWs liberally, we’re all over 13, here. We can handle some stuff. And more importantly, someone’s lived experiences of being targeted with bigotry are not up for debate or policing about whether it should be hidden away. Sorry, fellow white people– we can suck it up and read what Black Mastodon has to say.

And besides. You might learn something useful. A huge thing I will miss about Twitter is Black Twitter, which has been a very valuable part of me learning and doing better. Am I free of racism? It would be ridiculous for me to say so. Am I a better person for having read what Black people on Twitter and elsewhere have to say about their experiences? Oh, yes. Oh, 100% yes.