Bones – Solo TTRPG

Voiced by Amazon Polly
“Bones” playthrough


I’m playing Bones by junk food games.
This is a solo tabletop RPG.
You are a pile of bones. You live in the Attic. Your goal is to exist and scare forever.
Here are my results.
I must scare the four year old girl who lives in the room below my bones. She’s too brave. She will hurt herself with her courage. I will startle her by moving when she is up in the attic trying on her dead Grandparents’ clothes.
I failed to scare her. She saw me move and she was delighted. She’s taking my fibia bone as a trophy is now in her bedroom, under her bed, where she placed it as a chew toy for the monster that lives there. Lord, help me.

I must scare the dog. The family has a new dog. Clara, the little girl is now eight. She’s forgotten the bone under her bed, but the dog has not forgotten. It knows I am there. I try to scare it by shrieking at it when it comes close. And it first that seems to work. But one day emboldened by being left alone all day, while Clara is out with her parents (it’s a dance recital. Her parents are trying so hard with her, but she just loves to move. It could be dance or football or ritual sacrifice to this child.)
The dog Harvey crawls his hulking body under the bed, shoving it up with his German Shepherd shoulders and grabs the end, the knotty end of my bone, dragging me out.
When the family comes home, he’s already hidden it in his bed. Late at night, he will bury me in the yard.

There are mice in the Attic now, little gnawing monsters that shred and tear. They’ve already made a sizable nest out of grandmother’s wedding dress that Clara used to play dress-up in. She’s 15 now. Loud music. Band posters. Hoodie. Kissing girls. I do not think she will ever wear grandmother’s dress at her wedding.
How will I endure these mice? I try to alert Harvey, middle-aged pup that he is, and he barks and is bonkers downstairs. But his warnings only alert the family, and the mice wear down my finger bones until they are nothing.

Harvey is old now and a bit senile.
Someone left the door to the attic open and he came up looking for Clara who is no longer in the home. She left years ago for college and now it’s just an old dog and a middle-aged woman in this house. He found the wedding dress and snuffled threw it. He found my bones and dragged my arm down the stairs leaving chips of myself along the way like breadcrumb trail He took my arm outside to bury it with my fibia, but the poor thing couldn’t remember and he just lay in the sun, paws wrapped around my bone until the mother came home and screamed. She followed the trail. And now, I will be taken away to rest.

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