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Golden Sky Stories

Fake-Book-FlatI ran Golden Sky Stories last week at my Wednesday game, with a couple of guest players (my niece and the daughter of another player, both aged 13). I pre-made characters because our Wednesday game only has a couple of hours.

The game went well, though even my most conflict-averse player said it was "too saccharine" even for him. By the end of the session, one of the kids wanted to attack things. We stopped after 3 scenes due to time.

Most of the players were kind of on board with "let’s help the fox by fixing up her shrine." But the between-scene mechanics were a little clunky– players didn’t know how to use their Dreams, and there was definite min-maxing of "okay, the bunny can form connections for fewer Dreams… and that gives more points in Wonder… so I need to increase a connection with the bunny!"

It makes me wonder if it’s even possible to get players to play a purely narrative game without min-maxing. Or if it’s a player problem/style (I wouldn’t call this a problem in the sense of being obstructive… it’s just frustrating when players don’t look beyond "can I get a higher bonus and how?")

I wasn’t entirely clear how the Content of the connections is supposed to be used. If I were going to run this again, I would limit the group to 4 players, and read more about the Content and connections.

Overall, though, I had a good time as a GM, the players generally seemed to enjoy themselves… and I am sure they will all like to get back to murderhobo’ing as soon as possible.

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