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Hellsing House: A FATE Adventure

Also at the ConTessa convention, I played an RPG called Hellsing House, which was a Fate setting/adventure created and run by Meera Barry, via Google Hangouts. Hellsing House is a halfway house for, well, monsters. It’s a Fate setting that Meera created. The tagline is None who enter leave unchanged. Mechanically, the skill list was limited […]

Hannibal’s Triceratops

A couple of weeks ago, I ran TimeWatch for the online convention, ConTessa. ConTessa is a con organized and run by women (must be female-identified to run a game, and must run apolitical games). I had actually run into problems with the “apolitical” charter when I realized that the adventure I had started writing was […]

Dragons and Dungeons, Oh My

This is a meta-post about the Moving Forward campaign. It’s not told from anyone’s point of view but my own. It spanned a night’s worth of gaming, but the majority of the action was a few seconds for our PCs. Gwenn’s journal entry on this event might be little more than a footnote: We fought […]

Psych: A Social Challenge Example for Gamers

The TV show Psych has some of the best writing on TV these days. I’ve been watching it this week while I get over a head cold, and I was watching an older episode from Season 3 that had one of the best examples of a social challenge that I could ever have found without even looking. First, […]

Lasers and Feelings Part I

As usual, game mechanics notes are in italics and purple. Last night, my weekly D&D game was derailed by a player absence. After an hour and a half, we gave up, decided to play Lasers and Feelings (not to be confused by the amusing DoubleClicks song, which could be the counterpoint to Skullcrusher Mountain), and one […]

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