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Heroic Dark Deluxe – Settings

Heroic Dark Deluxe – get it today!

I wrote the Fathom and the Knights of Callisto settings for Heroic Dark Deluxe.

In The Knights of Callisto, you’re a mecha pilot facing down against giant monsters living on one of Jupiter’s moons. Excellent anime-esque heroic struggle!

In Fathom, you play an aquatic person (mermaids!) whose minor conflicts with land-dwellers pale in comparison to the existential threat of climate change. Set in a primitive era, with an ice age approaching.

All My Circuits

This is a short game for several players about non-verbal communication and literal electrical resistance. Written with Toby Strauss and available in the Love & Resistance anthology of games.


Passport is a game I wrote with Toby Strauss. It’s a play-by-postal story game. Posting it now because Nick Golding posted his Love Letters and I remembered hey, we made a thing!


Moleskine cahier notebooks (3) - perfect for the Passport!You will need:

  • 2 or more players
  • 1 small notebook (a moleskin cahier is perfect)
  • Stamps and envelopes

We are going on a journey, separately. We know each other very well, perhaps family or lovers, but we are going to be apart for a long time.

Who are we? When does our story take place? Where are we going? Why do we only have letters and mail to communicate? (If you want to handwave the “only have letters” thing and just say that, despite advances in technology, your characters choose to communicate this way, that’s okay, too.)

Read the rest of Passport in You & I: Roleplaying Games for Two!

Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

As we all know, the collective for “clown” is “a horror of clowns.” Last month, I wrote “Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me” for Trilemma Games’ Patreon-sponsored blog. You can find it here for free to use and enjoy in your games. It’s a deviously clownish adventure about a town that suffers from dangerous insomnia after a circus comes to town. As we all know, the collective for “clown” is “a horror of clowns.”

I really enjoyed writing this adventure. It didn’t take terribly long, and Michael was great to work with, very understanding about my weird ideas for this town.

The concept came to me at 4 AM, for a dungeon where nobody can sleep. PCs can’t take a long rest, but neither can the monsters, so the only ones functioning even close to normally are undead and constructs– beings that are immune to the needs for sleep and rest. I ended up scrapping the undead when I decided to add the carnival angle to it, which gave me an excellent place for re-programmed constructs.

Update: Some very creative people have been fleshing this out and posting their results!

Baby Bestiary vol 2

I contributed the Pseudodragon entry in the Baby Bestiary, vol. 2! (Print | Baby BestiaryPDF)

This was such a fun project to work on! Metal Weave Games posted asking for last-minute contributors after a couple of theirs backed out, and I jumped at the chance. I love pseudodragons, and had a lot of fun researching old monster manuals for “historical interpretations” and then imagining such creatures in a “pet/companion” capacity for adventurers.

The project also showed me a lot about how to really engage your contributors. Metal Weave had a “Baby Bestiary Contributors” hangout chat going at all times, and would regularly post adorable sketches and finished artwork from the book as they went. They also included a hard-copy of the book for contributors as part of the compensation package.

In all, it was a good project to work on, both because of the content, and because of the project management. I learned a lot about how I want to treat my own contributors from this project!

TimeWatch: Book of Changing Years

coverI contributed the zombie events to the Book of Changing Years by Pelgrane Press. My entries are in the agent log for “Engineer Pritesh.” I had a ton of fun writing both this timeline, as well as the adventure that formed its inspiration. Now that Timewatch is officially out, I may use the SRD to publish it

Mx. Universe

Earlier this year, a couple of editors put out a call for submissions to their small anthology of LGBT-written/themed games. A friend of mine did some brainstorming and wrote Mx. Universe, a live action role-playing game about being non-binary and getting fashion policed.

There was a small prize pool for certain categories, and I’m pleased to say we won the “Non-binary experience” category… perhaps by default. Nonetheless, it’s a quirky, fun LARP that, like most “parlor LARPs” can lend itself to some fairly deep emotional experiences.

Mx. Universe is available in the Queer Gaymes anthology.

Mythics in Spaaace!

I contributed the 3-part campaign Mythics in Spaaace! for David Schirduan’s Mythic Mortals RPG about big fights and overpowered mythical beings. It was a lot of fun to write and playtest, and I made up a pretty solid structure for the adventure.

Night’s Black Agents Adventure: Day of the Wehrwolf

Pelgrane Press ran the Dracula Dossier kickstarter. As one of the stretch goals, I was hired to write a scenario for Night’s Black Agents, called  Day of the Wehrwolf. Interestingly, the scenario is a standalone module– something you can play independent of the Dracula conspiracy.

October, 2015: Day of the Wehrwolf is now available for Kickstarter backers in The Edom Files! It will be live on Pelgrane’s site soon!

Some Thoughts about this Scenario

The initial pitch was to write something influenced by Day of the Jackal, retelling the story of the 1981 bombing of Radio Free Europe by Carlos the Jackal. These are two independent but complementary sources. Day of the Jackal is a Frederick Forsythe novel about an assassination attempt on President Charles De Gaulle.

Meanwhile, Carlos the Jackal, or Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, was a Venezuelan revolutionary who plotted and carried out the aforementioned bombing of Radio Free Europe.

What I decided to do was write a ranging, international thriller scenario, set in 1981, that would give the PCs numerous directions to pursue “Carlos the Werewolf” and his cronies. There are side plots. There’s possible Vatican involvement. There are discos and sleazy men with too much hair. The whole thing can be trimmed to a single 4-hour session, or played out over several sessions, depending on the group and which directions the players pursue.

I’ve also been asked many times about why it’s a “wehrwolf.” There’s a German novel called Der Wehrwolf about a defender-style werewolf.

There are, possibly, defender wehrwolves, in this scenario.

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