Waters Rising

A D&D 5th edition combat encounter for Tier 3 characters, available in the Collective Encounters Vol. 3 on DMsGuild.

At the final confrontation with the Arch-sorcerer Esunell the Blue
(Ess OO nel), the party must disrupt his ritual to create the Chaos Knife!


Stephanie Bryant is a writer, game designer, bassist, knitter, and scrum master for Roll20. You can also find her on twitter: @mortaine.

Background of the PDF is by Sarah Le @sarahle on Unsplash.

Map created by Stephanie in Dungeondraft.


Special thanks to my playtesters for this encounter!

  • Alethea Martin
  • Crystal Grundhoffer
  • Minx
  • Raven stiffler
  • mohitmax

Downloadable Maps

Download VTT-ready maps (with and without grid) here.

Waters Rising encounter map