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Twitters on 2007-07-20

  • @hpbatman7 I have Wii envy. #
  • @spin Yes, Somewhat, No, Yes, Not well, Absolutely, and Somewhat. Also, as of July 28, we’ll have disaster-resistant Internet access. #
  • @spin The best survival skill one can have is not a skill, it’s a personality trait: taking direct responsibility for your own survival. #
  • If you do not foster that trait, no amount of stockpiling or scenario plans will help you make it through a survival situation. #
  • Drinking sun tea and reading the interwebs. I think I’ll go finish up some knitting. It’s too hot to work! #

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Send-Off Party: August 4!!!

Well, we decided to hold off on our departure until we could have a real send-off party. We have now scheduled it for August 4, from noon until 4 PM at Tony & Alba’s in Scotts Valley. If you’re local and you didn’t get the evite, please drop us an email and let me know you want to come so I can add you to the evite and include you in the headcount.

If you can’t make it to the party, check back here on the day-of. I’m going to try to set up a remote livecam from the party to you!

And of course: no gifts, please. Instead, bring a photograph of yourself (or two or three) to add to our “Friends” scrapbook album. I use photos as a way to keep from feeling homesick!

We’ll be pulling out of Scotts Valley immediately after the party and heading on the road. But we won’t be going far for that first week. Our first stop is Morgan Hill, where we will be staying for a few days while we get some work done on the rig. As a bonus, I’ll get to see a couple of friends who live in Morgan Hill (and to whom I have Christmas gifts still waiting to be delivered!)

Our plans changed with the fires in the Lake Tahoe area, so we will now be heading to a little area known as Shaver Lake near (but not in) Yosemite.

For those wondering about Internet connectivity: I sold my car on Wednesday night and we are now able to afford the satellite Internet dish, which will be installed on Saturday, July 28th. It’s expensive, but absolutely worth it to us to have reliable Internet access. This is the kind of system that disaster response organizations use when entering a disaster zone.

Last night, we sold the weight bench.

Tomorrow, we’re having our last yard sale. After that, everything goes to storage or charity. We still have a lovely piano for sale as well!

Cat harness

If you’re still waiting on the cat harness, my apologies. It’s going to be a bit longer– things have been hectic here, and I just realized how hard it is to freehand crochet a cat harness….

Replies to Twitter replies

I just discovered (because I am laaaaame) that Twitter shows all the replies people have made to me in one place! Haha! Yes, I am really dumb for not checking this feature out earlier, so didn’t realize that I had people asking me stuff and not getting any answer. Whoops.

Here are my replies to your many replies over the past month and a half or so, in more or less chronological order(ish)….

@youhas: No, I meant I heard you specifically and Easlasaid on the Jon Stewart show. YOU (you are very boisterous when you want to be).
@michaelverdi: I finished Fight Club, and didn’t like it as much as other people do. It’s just not my thing.
@davidhowell: You can’t see Condoleeza Rice making a bid? Or Colin Powell? I definitely can, and Dems would vote for Powell, too.
@spin: I hate it when people SMS and drive at the same time.
@hpbatman7: Come back to FL in December or January and we’ll meet up.
@earthdog: You’re also eminently qualified for “secret shadow government overlord.” I shall build you a bunker, post-haste!

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