Gumshoe Demo Videos

I ran three GUMSHOE demos this morning at the ConTessa Spring Break weekend!  Each video is 50-60 minutes long. We played over Google Hangouts, with Roll20 for the tabletop. I screwed up in the Ashen Stars game and didn’t have the Roll20 screensharing (dangit!), so you don’t get those pretty pictures. Alas.

First, we went to Krakow, Poland, for an exciting car chase to stop terrorists in Nights Black Agents:

Next, we flew into space to stop a saboteur on our space ship in Ashen Stars!

Finally, we tracked down mysterious and eldritch rituals in an Indiana farmhouse, on the Trail of Cthulhu:

2 thoughts on “Gumshoe Demo Videos

  1. Hello, Stephanie.
    Why the choice of D20? I prefer the D6 choice for Trail of Cthulhu because it makes rolls faster and easier to manage
    Thanks again,

    1. Hah– Roll20 is just the tabletop app shown in the videos. We used d6’s, as usual for Gumshoe games. For an online game, it’s handy to have some kind of tabletop, even if it’s just showing an image to help players set the scene visually. Also, roll20 has a dice-rolling app that’s easy to use.

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