The Edom Files are Out!

The Edom Files, the adventure supplement for Night’s Black Agents Dracula Dossier, is finally out! It’s been sent out to Kickstarter backers and should be hitting Pelgrane’s online store very soon.

Why is this exciting to me? In addition to being a really cool product, it also has my adventure, “Day of the Wehrwolf” in it.

Which makes it the very first game/supplement that I’ve written and had published by a publisher. It’s not the first I have written, but it’s the first to make it all the way through to release.

Other upcoming releases that I can talk about:

  • Contribution to TimeWatch’s Book of Changing Years
  • Contribution to Epyllion’s Encylopedia Draconica
  • Contribution to The Name of God nano-game
  • Adventure for Mythic Mortals

There’s more, but those are the ones I can talk about in public so far.