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RPG Blog Carnival: April Showers!

This month, I’m hosting the RPG Blog Carnival, with the topic of weather. I was inspired by the old slogan “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” but also by the wonderful weather I get living in the American Southwest. Last night … Continue reading

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Another Game

Another kinda-stealth-release game, I wrote a 200-word game, Escape Pod One Launching, last week. I woke up with the idea on Wednesday morning, jotted down some words, and threw them around. On Wednesday afternoon, instead of my quasi-weekly game, I got together with a … Continue reading

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Tell Me Another: Creepy Holiday Special

I was on A Very Special Tell Me Another, in which we played a creepy story game and had a few special guests drop by to tell us some stories! If you’re hoping for a more storytelling-oriented Tell Me Another, this … Continue reading

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So, this is happening

The current stretch goal for the Dracula Dossier is £56,000. The dossier project is a pair of books that provides a campaign background, setting, and structure for a Nights Black Agents campaign in which your agents hunt down and stop … Continue reading

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Follow-Up: Some GREAT Resources for Making Games

So. My post last week sparked some really good discussion among tabletop game creators! Side note: It also hit the twittersphere and was inaccurately associated with video games, which it’s rather explicitly not about. As a result, I received a … Continue reading

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