200-word Game: Escape Pod One Launching

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September, 2015 Update: I wrote a blog post for Contessa about the process of designing a quick game!

Winner of the 200 Word Challenge

Developer Statement: I woke up after a bad dream and decided it would make an interesting game. I wrote during my lunch break, and playtested at a local game store in the evening. We playtested several times, hammering it out and injecting some fun into it. 24 hours after the dream, it was down to 200 words and I sent it in. Escape Pod One Launching is a tense, cruel little game where you play astronauts with thirty seconds to get to the escape pods, or die. The problem? Not enough pods for everyone, and time is running out!

Escape Pod One Launching

By, Stephanie Bryant

License: Creative Commons: By

“Self-Destruct activated. Escape Pod One launching in 30 seconds….”

Objective: Be in the pod, alive, when it launches.

Set out one Escape Pod token per player, minus one. Pick a starting player.

Everyone starts with 4 Oxygen Tank tokens; hold only one Tank token in only one hand at a time.

On your turn:

  1. Set a timer for 30 seconds, then hide it.
  2. To take an action, throw a Tank on the table and narrate the action:
  • Move to a pod (required to escape).
  • Get in the pod (required to escape).
  • Launch the pod early.
  • Overcome an obstacle.
  • Destroy one Tank from a living player.
  1. If it’s not your turn, you may interrupt the current player to add an obstacle (costs a Tank).
  2. When you have no Tanks, you can’t take actions.
  3. When the timer sounds, the pod launches, with or without you.
  4. If the pod launches with you inside it, you win! Take a Pod token and select the next player.
  5. If it launches without you, you die. Play passes to your left, skipping anyone dead or who’s already gone.

Escape Pod Two launching in 30 seconds….”             

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