Escape Pod One: Launched!

The results are in from the 200 Word Challenge and Escape Pod One WON!

I’m so excited and happy about this! I never expected to win. When the game was among the 33 finalists, I thought “cool!” but figured that’s where its journey would end. When it made it to the second round of finalists, I was stoked to tie for third. After all, this friendly competition had over 200 entries from a lot of game designers I respect and admire.

I’m sending a warm thank you to the judges for putting in an incredible amount of time and thought into judging this contest: Joe Banner, Kat Murphy, As If, Rickard Elimää, Marshall Miller, Keith Mageau, Lauren Smith, and David Schirduan. David selected a great group of judges with diverse interests, and I am so glad they stepped up and made this a fun contest for everyone.

The same day the contest results were announced, a Google+’er translated it into Japanese, so that’s now linked from the game’s project page here on the blog. If anyone else would like to translate it, please drop me a note or comment, and I’ll be happy to add a link.

Game Chef is coming up, June 13-21. It’s a secret-ingredient themed game contest, with multi-lingual judging teams (so it can be an international competition), which announced the theme on the first day of the contest. I’m going to try for it this year. Last year, I was excited about it, but the theme fell flat in my brain. This year… who knows? I’m going to go for it, and I hope you all will join me in the ride!