RPG Blog Carnival: Weather Roundup!

April Showers was the theme for this month’s RPG Blog Carnival, and I was very honored to host it!

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For my part, April ended up getting away from me thanks to a lot of unexpected travel. However, I had a marvelous moment this week running a one-shot for my niece and her friends in Missouri. We were playing my game Threadbare (coming soon on Kickstarter!), and her friends kept throwing around some great ideas for adventures and adversaries and obstacles. At one point, her friend Y suggested that we could have a big scary weather event, “like a toynado.” She might have meant tornado, but with Threadbare being all about toys… well, just look for a storm-chaser adventure starter in the next few months!

1 thought on “RPG Blog Carnival: Weather Roundup!

  1. Hi Mortaine,

    Thank you for including my two articles in your summary of the April Blog Carnival. I hope you had fun hosting.

    My third, and final, article in my mini-series of contributions is now live at Tales of a GM. For Part 3, I presented another example of Planar weather, this time looking at Niflheim, the Plane of Ice:


    All the best

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