Stupid, stupid

While walking to breakfast yesterday morning, my right ankle turned and sent me sprawling on the gravel driveway at my mom’s place. My knee and left hand shot out and took the worst of the road rash. In particular, my left hand looks a bit like day-old raw hamburger.

So naturally, I had a vasovagal reaction to seeing my hand resembling the precursor to a Happy Meal, and told John (who had called my mom to tell her I probably needed a lift to wherever I was going next) that I needed him to help me lie down now. He did, and I lay there for a few minutes until shortly before my mom pulled up in her car. John helped me to my feet and I tried not to look at the ground meat that was my hand and knee.

Mom drove me up to the RV and decided I should wash my knee in the shower, so (again, with John’s help) I removed my shorts and climbed in. We have a seat in my shower, and I managed to do OK at brushing the gravel out of my knee with (clean, unused, sealed-in-plastic) toothbrush, but then I got to the hand….

It was bad. Pieces of skin sticking up all over the place, and bits of dirt inside cuts that go into the fleshy part of my palm. I started to work on it, then handed the toothbrush to John and told him I couldn’t finish. As he started to go at it, I felt myself vagal again, and mumbled something about passing out.

Then I had this rather long, involved dream, which I don’t remember. Because the next thing I was aware of, John was saying “ARE YOU BREATHING?” rather loudly. My ears were ringing and I felt like I had earmuffs on.

He helped me over to the bed and told me I’d been out for about 3 seconds. Thank goodness I was sitting down already when I went out. I laid down on the bed and he brought disinfectant and the toothbrush again. Cleaned and worked on my hand, then we bandaged everything up and he went out to tell Mom I was OK.

So, what I planned to do yesterday was read a book, do laundry, move the RV, and knit. What I got to do instead was read a little bit in a book, and lie down and take a nap. Mom brought pizza home after her errands yesterday afternoon, which was very sweet because we hadn’t really done dishes successfully (John started to, but then we ran out of water, so he had to stop).

Then, as John was watching TV bed after dinner, we discovered that something didn’t smell right. Turns out, Alladin peed on the pillows sometime yesterday, probably when we moved the RV up to the campsite. We only have one set of sheets for that bed, so we had to strip them off and take them to the laundry and wash them, and de-catify the mattress, and ugh. I really, really hope this was an isolated incident, because I can’t deal with routine cat pee problems in this small space!

In short: My Sunday did not go very well. On the plus side, I re-read the first 3 chapters of No Plot? No Problem! in preparation for NaNoWriMo. I spent a lot of the day asleep (before the cat peed on the pillows, I am 99% certain, because I probably would have noticed). I had pizza that I didn’t have to cook. And although my left hand aches today, I do feel much, much better.

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