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November 2016 Books 

#54: Heir of the Dog by Judi McCoy – typical fluffy mystery novel about a psychic dog walker. Gross alpha male “love interest” dynamic. #55: Malus Domestica by S. A. Hunt –  amazing horror-adventure novel that reads like Stranger  Things. It’s not the same story, but has  the same feel. #56: Blockade Billy by Stephen […]

The Happy Word of the Day

The happy word of today is BENIGN. That’s also the word on my post-surgical labs. So, while I still have a few weeks of recovery ahead, I am not facing a long, uncertain fight with cancer. All my love and strength go out to those who are fighting that fight right now.

Training for 17 Staples

All summer, I have been going to my local Planet Fitness, 2-3 times per week. I’ve been lifting weights with my arms and upper body. I’ve been doing leg presses to strengthen my thighs. Every time I worked out, I hit the ab machines, because my core muscles (abs and back) have always been very weak.  I was […]

Surgery Day

Tomorrow morning at this time, I will be at the hospital, prepping for some fairly major surgery. Recovery is 6-8 weeks, assuming nothing goes wrong or develops complications. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks getting stuff ready for being absent from work and social obligations. I’ve done a lot of crisis preparedness work to make […]

October 2016 Books

#49 – The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin. Really good futuristic/post-apocalyptic (pre- and post-?) fantasy novel. I enjoyed it very much. This is a fantasy novel where race exists but isn’t the existence of anyone in particular. I highly recommend it, as did the Hugo awards committee, since it won the 2016 award for […]

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