Chapter 17: page 350

Amanda Congdon’s name is misspelled on page 350. It should be Congdon, not Congden. And, of course, her appearance in this chapter is a changed/errata, as referenced in yesterday’s post about Rocketboom.

Chapter 12: Page 254

We had some minor editing glitches on page 254: In the file formats, “.RL” is listed as Real media. That should be “.RM” or “.RAM” Also, “.WMF” is listed as a Windows Media Player format; it should not be in the list, just “.WMV”

The Rocketboom Split

I have to post about this, because it’s all over the news, and because Rocketboom is such a core of the videoblogging world. Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron have had some kind of personal and professional difference that has resulted in Amanda leaving the show, presumably for good. At this time, Amanda hasn’t announced where […]