“Thank You, M’am”

Another Toastmasters speech– this one is from today’s meeting; I’m working on two advanced manuals right now– “The Entertaining Speaker” and “Interpretive Reading.” This one is the first Interpretive Reading speech. The story I’m reading here is “Thank You, M’am” by Langston Hughes, a wonderful short story which reads easily out loud. I really enjoyed […]

Toastmasters Speech 7

Watch Video Click here for the movie! (MPEG-4 format, 11 minutes, 30 MB) I did this speech a couple of months ago, but only now have gotten around to editing and posting it. To be honest, I was more than a little embarassed by this one. Not only is it not very good, and badly […]

Toastmasters Speech #5: Straw into Gold

Click here for the movie! (MPEG-4 format, 21 MB) Technorati tags: geotagged geovlogged vlog videoblog toastmasters handspinning This was a poorly-planned speech I did last week on the fiber arts. I had “speaker’s block” until the morning of the speech, so I wasn’t as well-prepared as I normally am (as evidenced by the fact that […]