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First, if you came to this page wondering if you can link to this site, the answer is yes. Of course you can.

Second, if you came here wondering if I will link to your site, the answer is, probably not. Not because I don’t like you, but because the links are selected by me, and are mainly links drawn from the published book Videoblogging for Dummies.

If you’re wondering why you saw a link here yesterday, but not today, it’s because I set up WordPress to show three random links from each category. Refresh the page or come back later. It’ll show up eventually. Someday soon I will have a links page that has a list of all the links by category, but that requires a plugin, and mine isn’t working.

The links are categorized based solely on what I decided to categorize them as. Some of them don’t fit neatly into a category, but there aren’t enough similar links to make a new category. Some of them fit wonderfully into multiple categories, but I can only put one category per link.

Links which have changed since publication are noted in the description of the link (with the original URL noted). As time goes on, outdated links will be replaced. Someday soon, I will figure out a way to do that without going crazy.

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