#AprilTTRPGMaker Day 7: Your Workspace

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Oh, this one is an embarrassment. I work in a home office, which is also a crafting space, and which is abysmally messy, and has been since I moved in. I’m not a tidy person to begin with, but the main problem is that I have way too much stuff to accommodate my various interests.

Also, due to the new job, I am moving my “day job” workspace from here:

To here:

This means fixing and moving that 3-D printer, getting a computer and monitor for this space, possibly a new desk, and definitely a new chair (or move my other office chair into here).

See, both John and I work from home now, and with meetings, we can’t really share the same space during the day. He was previously in this space (which was much tidier then!) but didn’t like working in here because it gets pretty warm. Personally, I thrive in the heat, so this will likely be a good spot for me. But all the cleaning and reshuffling… I’m not looking forward to it!