#Nerdy9th – Sleep Data!

So, about 6 months ago, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea (I woke myself up not breathing) and got a CPAP machine. While I dislike the indignity of wearing it at night, and there are certain design flaws (the vent blows air up and into my partner’s hair/neck all night when I spoon him), I  do appreciate the fact that I’m getting better quality sleep.

Also, because I am a nerdy, I like the data.

Screenshot 2017-02-15 15.56.47.png

See, my CPAP is a Resmed MyAir, so it automatically uploads data to the “cloud” (and snitches on me to my insurance company, of course). But the data isn’t very comprehensive. I mean, I know the CPAP can track more than this, right?

Screenshot 2017-02-15 15.57.50.png

Enter SleepyHead, an open source project to mine the data out of CPAP machines! It’s a great little project that gives me way more information than I can get from the CPAP manufacturer’s website.

Screenshot 2017-02-15 16.12.37.png

I do have to take the user-accessible SD card out of my CPAP and put it into my laptop in order to download the data– and when I forgot for a couple of months, the CPAP purged some of the data for space (so helpful of it….) But as long as I remember to do it about once a month– say when I replace the mask– I capture all the data I could want!

It’s a little thing, but that’s my #nerdy9th bit of love for today.

2 thoughts on “#Nerdy9th – Sleep Data!

  1. Okie, SleepyHead looks sort of awesome, I’ll have to check it out (I’ve a ResMed as well). Also, if you’re using nasal pillows, I’ve found the AirFit P10 has almost *zero* direct venting – it’s all very well dispersed.

  2. Wow you have the advanced model. George and I both sleep better since he got his about 10 years ago. The wind in my face and the funny whistling noises and a good trade for waking up with him gasping for breath. Glad you were smart enough to do this. Many people we know prefer denial.

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