Day 4: Last RPG I bought #rpgaday


My most recent RPG “purchase” is Strays, a Fate-powered RPG about pets who help Santa protect kids from bad stuff.


It’s like Fate meets Cat (John Wick), two of my favorite RPGs. The Kickstarter for it just ended, and the game doesn’t actually come out until next Spring.

The most recent RPG I bought and received would have to be either Servants of the Cinder Queen or Urban Shadows, both of which have finished, collected $, and delivered beta documents.

Or it’s one of my Patreon projects I back, like Fate Codex, which just sent out issue #3. Or Nathan Paoletta‘s newest creation, Fate’s Fickle Winds. Actually, July was really good for my Patreon projects– I had to pony up almost $20 this month for some good gaming stuff and resources.

Honestly, because of how crowdfunding works, “the last RPG you bought” is a weird question to ask. Is it “bought” when it’s delivered, or when the money came out of my account? (In patreon, you might get delivery first and pay later, and for Kickstarter, it’s vice versa.) Does “delivery” include pre-release deliverables, like beta drafts? Is it “bought” if I subscribe and it just shows up in my inbox every so often?

If “bought” means “delivered a final product,” then Monte Cook’s The Strange has to be the most recent delivery, since the PDFs arrived in my inbox yesterday, though the Kickstarter ended and was paid for last year.