Gamer Cakes and Fondant

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This is basically a “look what I made” post. Enjoy.

Last month, I took the Gum Paste and Fondant class at my local JoAnn’s fabric store. This is class 3 in the Wilton’s cake decorating series.

The parameters for the class are to work with fondant and gum paste to make flowers. So, I learned how to make a bunch of flowers, notably a type of rose, daisies, mums, and carnations.

I hate making carnations, by the way. Mine turned out awful.

Anyway, the final day of the class was 10 days before the Empire Game Shop Grand Opening and Tabletop Day on April 5, so I wanted to make a special cake for the opening.

My instructor suggested that I should make something that still demonstrates I know how to do flowers, so I made the pretty, purple practice cake shown here.

My fellow student Mink made the adorable Easter cake shown, with the bunny and the butterflies and everything. She is very creative!

My purple cake is basically purple marbled fondant with gum paste daisies and a gum paste bow. The cake inside is a basic chocolate “box” cake, 6″ around, with chocolate pudding between the layers.

I ended up serving it to my Ladies League of Invells players– they enjoyed it immensely.

During class, I also rolled out and covered the cake for the Grand Opening. It’s also chocolate. The fondant I used for the base was a rich dark royal blue, and I made a flag cake topper using the Warhammer 40K sigils for Ultramarines and Chaos. Apparently my Ultramarine symbol needs work, but everyone recognized Chaos!

I highlighted with a gold laurel leaf which was supposed to represent the store’s logo. I could have left this off, to be honest– nobody really paid it much attention, and it just made the top of the cake seem a little cluttery.

On the morning of the event, I stacked my cakes, put them on my bright orange cake board, and did a bright orange ribbon around. I affixed the topper and leaves to the top and headed out for the event.

The store owners didn’t know I was making this cake, so when I arrived and casually said “I have a cake in the car for you,” they replied with “Aww, you made me a cake!”

Then I brought it in and it was more like “WOW! You made me a cake!”

The cake was a hit, both visually and gastronomically, with the gamers, who appreciated something sweet after all the pizza that was provided. The event itself was a huge success (though not because of the cake– because of our awesome volunteers and attendees).

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  1. Wow, gorgeous, and I’ll bet yummy as well. (And now I know why you were looking for those WH40K symbols….) Well done!

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