The Wild Side Runs the Blockade

426758_250178048398335_1187436990_nWhen last we left the intrepid crew of The Wild Side, Captain Judson was sealed in a medical pod in sick bay, recovering from 3rd degree burns, Acting Captain Boost Harper had taken command of the ship, Ashleigh had just been “interviewed” by Ms Norville Morrissey, JD/CPA, with the interview ending when, in response to Morrissey’s question “do you often do drugs recreationally?” Grace piped in with “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her sober!”

Ashleigh hopped up at that and stumbled off to her quarters, muttering something about going to bed. Morrissey remained on board, despite the impending “running of the blockade” as she had work to complete in her investigation into various irregularities in The Wild Side’s performance.

In engaging with the blockade, the crew found a large “net” of New Ireland ships ready to ensnare them in legal and violent complications. Harper sent a  decoy bot out to one side, faking out the New Ireland vessels, before making a run for it. The New Ireland vessels pursued, as did the United Earth Government Navy, lending the full military support, as promised.

If a small civilian vessel were to be damaged or destroyed in the process… well, that would just be one unfortunate witness to the illegal promise of support, wouldn’t it?

The ship made the run, barely, scraping off battle microbots and grappling hooks with a combination of speed and clever engineering on the part of Grace. At one critical moment, Dr. Sutton came up to the bridge and snatched the headphones off of Boost’s head, startling him and sending the ship into a momentary autopilot lapse. The action nearly cost the ship dearly, but Axel’s quick thinking in the gun turret means most of the incoming missiles were shot down before getting close enough to hit.

Meanwhile, crouched in her bunk, the explosions rocking the ship around her, Ms. Morrissey patched into the navy’s comm system and broadcast a series of alerts of their procedural violations, causing a great deal of chaos and confusion among the lower-ranked crewmen, all of whom proceeded to spend precious time verifying orders before proceeding.

The ship made it to the slingshot and performed the jump, ending not far from SS-0. They had numerous words among the crew, resulting at one point in Dr. Sutton cowing Ms Morrissey during her “investigative loopholes.” In the end, Morrissey’s actions led to her and Harper discussing in heated terms the parts of the ship which were off-limits.

“We can discuss this in your quarters.”

“As we discussed previously, my quarters are off-limits.”

“I don’t see a captain’s signature on that schematic, which means it’s not valid.”

“Good point. In that case, the cargo hold is no longer restricted to me. Good day, sir.”

As she proceeded to walk past Harper and Axel, Axel turned and fired on her, grazing her leg.

When she was brought into the medical bay, the lawyer was gripping her thigh and gasping “shot! Shot! Shot!” as panic and shock went through her. Dr. Sutton patched her up– despite her initial instincts– while Harper grabbed up the bureaucrat’s papers and briefcase and rifled through them.

What he learned about Ms. Morrissey was that she knows nearly everything about their jobs– legal or otherwise– and has a keen eye for where and when a greater profit could have been made. For all she knows every procedure and regulation… she also knows how to sidestep them and manipulate markets to her advantage.

“Welcome to the crew, Ms. Morrissey.”

The delivery was completed as the New Irish McRearies took delivery of extra crates of strawberries… and a side order of war with the UEG, thank you very much.