Excellent News!

The Krismas presents (now arriving for birthdays) have been found! It turns out my sister lives on the West portion of her road, and they were delivered to East (they were addressed to just her road– no direction because I did not know there was an East/West). Sis left a note on Christmas Eve for the neighbor at East, and got a call today– they were out of town when she left her note, but they have the package.

Mind you, they didn’t return the package to sender. Apparently, they did not realize that you can, in fact, return packages that are misdelivered from FedEx. All you do is call the 1-800 number that’s on the package. I know, I know– too taxing.

Anyway, Sis can’t actually pick up the package yet because of the several feet of snow that landed on her street Christmas morning (which also meant my mother hasn’t been over for Christmas with the grandkids, either).

So, the good news is that the package of gifties has been located and will reach my sister at some time in the future.

In other excellent news, despite being so tired my eyelid is twitching, I hauled my sorry, cookie-laden butt out to workout this evening, and had an excellent, heart-pumping workout.

I also walked 7 miles yesterday (and 3 miles the day before) just going out and about with friends.