Socks and socks

I finished a sock:


It’s for my stepmother. She doesn’t like to wear socks, so I decided to try making her a pair to see if she’ll like handknit socks.

Remember the Anna Karenina socks I made in April?

Well, after wearing them for over a month, I decided that the anklets were too short, even for my little feet. So I decided to make them longer.

These were originally knit as cuff-down socks, so the cast-on edge is at the top. So, I took my scissors, and cut my socks!!!! I snipped the cast on edge and unraveled it. I picked up the stitches and knitted in the other direction for a couple of inches on each sock:


The result is a pair of socks long enough to stay up and keep my ankles warm:



Oh, and these socks have officially broken 3 Brittany needles now. After the first broke, I requested replacements, and they sent 3 extras. I’ve broken 2 of the replacement needles, leaving me even. I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.

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