2 thoughts on “Rejected: The Sprawl

  1. [came here from LJ ]…

    Hi, I was just wondering what do you do with reejcted manuscripts?
    Do you just wait a while them resubmit them somewhere else as is?
    Do you re-edit then re-submit somewhere else?
    Do they end up in a ‘unsucessful’ pile?
    Does them being rejected illiminate them from being entered in any ‘previously unpublished’ competitions at a later date?
    Do the publishes give feedback when an item is rejected or do they normally just send out a form rejection letter.

    Still enjoying the blog and thankyou for continuing to write it

  2. Rejected mss. get put back into the queue to go back out again as soon as possible. If I get feedback from the rejecting editor, I look at the manuscript again, but otherwise they go out again. Eventually, I look at them and decide if they need to be re-written before going back out or not.

    Being rejected means it’s still unpublished and doesn’t disqualify it from contests.

    Most of the time, editors just send a form letter. Sometimes, editors include a note. This is actually a good day when you get a note with a rejection, and there’s kind of a plateau that a lot of writers hit where they get a lot of encouraging notes, but no sales (a lot of my friends are there right now).

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