Long Time, No Post

Hello everyone! Johnnyb, here. It’s been a while. I blame accidentally deleting my weekly reminder to make a blog entry. As you probably know by now, I rarely think to make a blog entry on my own.
Anyway, where were we when I posted last? I mean, literally, *where* were we? Maybe Tennessee. In Tennessee we visited with my family and toured Bryant’s Cove, the lands my ancestors settled. It’s usually only accessible by 4-Wheel Drive vehicle, but due to logging (sad), it’s easy to get into certain parts. My dad took me in his massive 4×4 all around Bryant’s Cove and the connected coves that were settled by other families.
As you probably already read from Stephanie’s post, we flew back to the Bay Area to take care of business and visit some friends and family. By that time, Tennessee was already too cold for our new lifestyle, so when we returned we packed up and followed the sun to Florida. We stayed a few days in St. Augustine, right on the beach, which was fun. We ate fried ‘gator tail — it’s tastes like chicken BTW. Then we went to the Orlando area, home of “the mouse”. We visited Disney World MGM during one of the most crowded times and without children, so it wasn’t all it could have been.
So it’s 80 degrees (F) outside right now. Yesterday we went swimming and today we probably will go again. Right now, I’m fretting over my ever growing To-Do list.
Next week we go over to the “Space Coast” where we will stay for one month. Hopefully the Space Shuttle will launch close to it’s re-scheduled date mid-Janaury. I want to be as close as possible to see and hopefully feel that launch.

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  1. Since you both get to celebrate the new year 3 hours earlier this year I hope you give us a call when you are officially in 2008!! 😉 Cheers!!

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