ATTN: Kansas City, St. Louis, Tennessee, Atlanta, and Austin folks!

Here’s a heads up on travel plans and get-togethers!

We’re near Kansas City this week and are going into KC tonight, in fact.

On November 1, we will leave, stopping near St. Louis to stay with friends for the night– it would be cool to set up a coffeklatch not to far away, if anyone is interested. I know there are a number of friends in the area– perhaps there’s a friendly diner in Dupo where we could all meetup– last year it was some lovely place with hearty brunch options!

On November 2, we will leave St. Louis and drive onward, staying near Nashville, Tennessee (it’s a bit far to go to Chattanooga in one day).

On the morning of November 3, we will arrive in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where we will be for the rest of the month of November. I’m hoping to get to a NaNoWriMo write-in that night.

On November 4, I am flying out of Atlanta, Georgia to Austin, Texas. My flight is early, and I get in early to Austin, so if anyone wants to hang out Sunday night, that would be cool. I’m in Austin to speak at the WebWorks RoundUp conference.

On November 7, I am flying back from Austin to Atlanta, Georgia, and I get in mid-morning, so if anyone wants to meet for coffee or lunch, that would also be cool.

From the 8th to the end of the month, we will be in Chattanooga, TN.

If you’re going to be in the area or live nearby and would like to come out and meetup, drop a comment or an email to say hi!

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