Cat harness crochet

“How to crochet a cat harness” was a Google search yesterday that led someone to my site. Whoever was looking probably didn’t find it, at least certainly not here.

So, to that person, I offer this: Do not give up hope! I, Stephanie, will post for you a cat harness pattern within the next ten days! I know you were going to get to work on it over the long weekend, but really, your cat is going to be freaked out by all the fireworks and doesn’t need the extra headache of you trying to measure her for a harness.

Also, if you feel like leaving a comment that says “Hi, that was me,” and tell me about your cat and what the purpose of the harness is, that would be cool.

4 thoughts on “Cat harness crochet

  1. Well, it wasn’t me, but I do love some of the search strings that get folks to my site. The best this month was “botanical novocaine” – I have absolutely no idea how they even got to me, cause if I google that, I certainly don’t get my site.

    To keep somewhat on topic, I tried harnesses w/Snoopy & Target. It did not go well, and I still count my blessings that they did not try and kill me in my sleep. 🙂

  2. Hi! Where can I find this crochet cat harness?? I have an adult cat who desparately wants to go outside, but she’s a scrapper and a wanderer, so if I can get a harness and a lead, she can enjoy the grass, fresh air and sunshine without getting into any trouble. :~)

  3. I need an easy crochet pattern for my cat. She wants to go outside, but I am afraid she will get out of a conventional harness, plus I don’t like all the buckles. Anyone got anything?

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