Allow me to spoil the surprise….

Dear Mom,

This is what I’m giving you for Mother’s Day. I know it will touch you deeply and you will love it, especially since it will fit perfectly in the space you have in your home.

It is a perfect gift for the woman who has everything and who has dedicated her whole life to teaching children and helping them grow into wonderful human beings. Every year, you don’t seem to know what you want for birthdays and Mother’s Day, aside from a phone call. Well, this one came across my inbox today and I knew it would fit you like a glove.

Hope you enjoy it. I made sure to ask them not to spam you afterwards.


PS: I’m spoiling the surprise early in case anyone reading my journal wants to get their mom the same thing. I know you won’t mind. Heck, you probably won’t get a minute to read my blog until Sunday afternoon anyway!

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