Books, blogs, and bees

I wrote a nice long post the other day, only to have it disappear when my blog program unexpectedly crashed. Whoops. Need to hit apple-save more often!

The gist of it was, I abandoned a book recently. Gave up reading The Trial by Franz Kafka. I couldn’t get through it. I’m sorry– I’m sure I’ll be judged harshly for that, but… meh. I made the mistake of reading part of the foreword, and was horribly disenchanted from the outset, because the foreword gave away the central theme of the main character. Meh. Bad literary critic! No biscuit!

I bought an ebook reader– the Sony Reader. I’m currently downloading tools to see if I can get it to work with the Mac. We shall see. In the meantime, I’m checking out various ebook sites to find which books I can get for the reader. At least having abandoned The Trial isn’t the end of the world, if I can get a free copy of it as an ebook.

Spanish test tonight. I’m underprepared. There’s a lot of vocabulary– we’re doing food, and a LOT of unfamiliar words for otherwise familiar things!

And a timely, thought-provoking post from a friend of mine: Coral Kingdom Come. Nicely put (even if this post is about tech gizmos, and my last, returned-to-sender letter to you was about American Idol…. hey, music was the only vocabulary I knew by then! Next letter will be about food, ok? Provided I can get a legitimate address for ya….). I think about you often when I hear about the bees dying. In case anyone is unaware, all the honeybees are dying. This is one of the few ways to effectively end many of the major forms of life on this planet, so if you’re not paying attention to the plight of the honeybee, you should (and if that didn’t get you humming, I don’t know what will).