Death of an Era….

The era of Trinity, my beautiful Powerbook G4. She took me into the land of video and videoblogging, helped me embrace the wonder of Mac OS X, and dutifully accepted hundreds of thousands of words for novels, short stories, tech manuals, and Videoblogging for Dummies.

On Thursday, she had what can only be described as a technological cardiac arrest. Her hard drive kept spinning and spinning, without effect. After numerous reboots that resulted in a horrible, high-pitched screeching whistle sound, I finally shut her down. That night, my husband was able to resurrect her, and Friday morning I ran Disk Repair, then immediately ran a backup.

It was timely. Yesterday, more cascading failures and the disk repair is unable to repair the damage. At 10:00 PM, the hard drive started screaming again during Disk Repair, and I shut her down. I think I have lost her for good this time. I had planned to retire her in favor of a MacBook this Spring, but it is heartbreaking nonetheless. I hardly had time to say goodbye.

R.I.P. Trinity


1 thought on “Death of an Era….

  1. Bummer – 4 years doesn’t seem very long for a laptop. But, enjoy the new MacBook, even if it’s sooner than you’d planned on.

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